Ayatollah Khamenei is a role model for Islamic world: Dr Ghulam Ali Hadad Adil

A two-days-long National Seminar on Life, Works and Thoughts of Ayatollah Khamenei concluded here on 3rd February at Jamia Hamdard New Delhi.

Professors, scholars, researchers and clerics from across the country presented academic papers related to different aspect of the Supreme Leader’s life, work and thoughts.

The concluding session held at Archives Hall in Jamia Hamdard. The session embarked with the recitation of holy Quran by Sheikh Toha Shairi. Many prominent scholars and personalities including Maulana Shabbir Warsi, Dr Ghulam Reza Haddad Adil, Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey and many others addressed the session.

Maulana Warsi said that Ayatollah Khamenei has strived to disseminate the message of unity and integrity by following the path of Quran and traditions. He has always stood with the righteous because of which they had to face a lot of problem from the external world. Khamenei has contributed in education, economy and science in Iran and external world.

Prof Ghulam Yahya Anjum expressed elated feelings over conduct of such a great seminar in the university and assured support for such programs in future as well.

Hujatul Islam Mohammad Reza Saleh, representative of Al-Mustafa International University discussed those contributions of Ayatollah Khamenei through which the later has boosted the Islamic culture and confronted the western culture.

Former Assembly Speaker of Iran Dr Ghulam Reza Haddad Adil discussed a brief and less known biography of Ayatollah Khamenei. He said that life style of Ayatollah Khamenei is down even than the middle-class families of Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei loves India very much because of its struggle against tyranny and imperialism. Iran also had fought against imperialist power and got freedom from under the same. When Indian delegations and leaders invite Ayatollah Khamenei to visit India, he replies that its not easy for him to tour outside the Iran but whenever he get a chance India will be the first country for his visit. Dr Adil suggested to understand Khamenei from the opinion of his enemies because it’s the best way to understand a thing from its opposite.

Prof Akhtarul Wasey congratulated Majlis Ulema Hind, Jamia Hamdard and Welayat Foundation over organising such a great seminar. He further said that Iran’s successful resistance in the last 40 years against the continuous sanctions was the effort of Ayatollah Khamenei. He said that Ayatollah Khamenei is like a sun that spread light all over the globe.

Dr Zafarul Islam Khan said that Iran’s progress and development despite of strict economic sanctions and hurdles is the outcome of Ayatollah Khamenei’s leadership.

The purpose of this great academic event was to introduce and analyze the personality, works and thoughts of Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This seminar had no political dimension and it was purely scientific and academic because Ayatollah Khamenei while being a prominent and great religious scholar is a far-sighted thinker in the international, cultural and social fields. In this regard 42 works of Ayatollah Khamenei translated into English, Hindi and Urdu were released during the seminar and the seminar.

During the Session a book comprising poems by 75 poets of India in Urdu highlighting the personality of Ayatollah Khamenei was also released along with the Leaders Magazine.