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In the present situation the issue of the needy people and assisting them is a great importance: Agha mahdi Mahdavipour

Very Important Message of Hujjat ul-Islam Agha mahdi Mahdavipour, the honourable Representative of the Supreme Leader of Iran in India regarding the Corona virus epidemic in the world and India. In the Name of Allahthe All- Compassionate, the All-Merciful All praise belongs to Almighty Allah, the Creator of the Worlds, Blessings of Allah Almighty on

Coronavirus outbreak possible plot to change global order: Nasrallah

The leader of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah says the coronavirus pandemic might have consequences bigger than those of the World Wars, warning that the pathogen might be part of a plot for a new global order. Nasrallah said Saturday the world is undergoing a new experience that is “unparalleled for two centuries.” He said

Imam Musa ibn Jafar Al-Kadhim (A.S.)

He was born on Sunday, the 7th of Safar, year 128 Hijrah at the land of Abwa situated between Mecca and Madina from his mother named “Hameeda.” He had access to Imamate at the age of twenty-one years. Abu Baseer says, “We traveled to perform Hajj along with Imam Jaffar Sadiq (A.S.). No sooner we

Criminalising Religious Pluralism: The Legal Treatment of Shi’ites in Malaysia

This article evaluates the extent to which Islamic law and fatwas in Malaysia can control the practice and promulgation of Shi’a teachings. Shi’a teachings and doctrine are currently being socially-constructed as a new threat to the survival of Sunni Islam, followed by the majority of Muslims in Malaysia. The Government has taken action by using

Imamiyah (Shiite): An Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudential Sects

Twelver Shi’as (Imamiyah) 1- Authentication (tawthīque) of Shi’ism Shi’ite jurisprudential sects follow the ideas of Ahl al-Bayt (A.S.). Twelvers is the main sect of them, which follows its famous twelve Imams’ ideas, especially, the sixth Imam, Abū  Abdu Allah Ja‘far b. Muhammad al-Ṣādiq, and because of that they are known as Ja’fari, too. Proving the interfaith

Ayatollah Sistani’s Fatwas, Recommendations about Coronavirus

The Grand Ayatollah Sistani, in a statement while answering questions about the Coronavirus, also made important recommendations for believers. The statement recommends invocation on the Glorious God to avert the disaster caused by the Coronavirus and repeatedly doing things such as giving alms to the poor people, helping the weak ones, reciting the Holy Quran

Imam Khamenei led the Friday prayers (photos)

Why Allama Tabatabaei Did not Invite Guests?

Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, one of the students of ‘Allama said, “When he came to Qom, although he was a famous philosopher in the Islamic world, a famous researcher at that time and a professional teacher in exegesis, theology and theosophy, he walked in the alleys of Qom wearing a very small turban made of blue

A Guide for Walking to Imam Hussain a.s

A Guide for Walking to Imam Hussain (Peace & Blessings be Upon Him) Millions of people are heading towards Karbala to visit Imam Hussain (as) by walk! Would you like to join too? Read on to know how you can also take this journey of a lifetime from Najaf to Karbala… Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq (as)

Iraq foils plan to assassinate Ayatollah Sistani amid protests

Iraq has reportedly foiled an plot by terrorists to assassinate grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistaniamid ongoing protests inside the Arab country. Iraqi security forces successfully dismantled a terrorist group on Friday that sought to use the demonstrations against corruption, unemployment and poor public services, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen news network reported. Citing Najaf Provincial Governor Luay al-Yassiry, the

Tatbir Should be Abandoned Forever: Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

On the occasion of Tasu’a and Ashura commemoration anniversary, Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi delivered a message to all Muslims, urging them to be wary of the enemy’s agents who are trying to tarnish the greatness and majesty of the Ashura event. According to the Ijtihad Network, the full text of his message is as follows:

Ayatollah Sistani’s Guidelines for Preachers during Muharram

Ahead of the mourning month of Muharram, the top Shia Marja’ Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani has issued his recommendations to Shia preachers and speakers. He urged them to refrain from making remarks that would trigger sedition and disunity. The office of Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Sistani issued a statement on Sunday August 25, 2019 as the

The Event of Ghadir al-Khumm according to Quran

According to the narrations of the 10th-century theologian Shaykh al-Mufid, he relates in his book, ‘Kitab al-Irshad,’ that the plane of Ghadir Khumm was not considered one to be suitable for travelers as a resting place. In the 10th year after Hijri (A.H.) or roughly 632 C.E., the Holy Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa (pbuh),

Important voice message from Sheikh Zakzaky from New Delhi about hospital’s worrying conditions

In his message, delivered in Hausa, he raised concerns about his situation at India’s Medanta Hospital.  The full translated text of his audio message is as follow:  In the name of God.  Wasallahu Ala Sayyedina Wa Nabiyyena Muhammadin Wa Aalihid dayyebinad Daheereenal Ma’asumeen!  We are now here in New Delhi, India. As you all know

Court grants Sheikh Zakzaky bail for medical care in India

Senior Nigerian Muslim cleric Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky has been given bail by a court to receive medical care in India. Zakzaky, whose violent detention by government forces in 2015 sparked outrage, will now have the chance to move outside the African country and receive much-needed medical attention for injuries and conditions he has sustained in

Iraq agrees to visa-free entry for Iranians on Arba’een

Iran and Iraq have agreed to process visa-free entry of millions of Iranians who travel to Iraq during the annual pilgrimage period of Arba’een. The agreement was finalized on Monday during a meeting in Tehran between deputy interior ministers from the two countries. Iranian media reports on the issue suggested that pilgrims from Iran who

Shaheed Sayedain Zaidi: Killed for Defending the undefended

-by Kinza Abbas (Niece of Shaheed Sayedain Zaidi) The darkness in our society today is evident. But among this darkness of corruption, oppression, injustice and cruelty there exist people who brighten the path for us all. Their character, personality and legacies give us hope that goodness and righteousness isn’t extinct. One such personality was that

Grand Ayatollah Hakim called for Islamic propagation in distant areas

A source of emulation, based in Najaf Ashraf, called for propagation in distant areas and explained that the missionaries are responsible to visit the distant areas for religious propagation.  A group of missionaries and students of the Pakistani seminaries met and talked to Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Saeed Hakim, a source of emulation, based in Najaf

Grand Ayatollah Mohaqiq Kabuli passes away

Ayatollah Qorbanali Mohaqiq Kabuli, an Afghan Shia source of emulation, died at the age of 91. Ayatollah Kabuli, who resided in Iran’s holy city of Qom, died on Tuesday morning. He was born in 1928 into a religious family in Parwan province, near the Afghan capital of Kabul. At the age of 7, he started learning the Quran

Delhi witnessed huge show of solidarity on Quds day

By Farah Zehra With the recent airstrikes carried out by Israeli air force at Gaza strip killing and injuring number of Palestinians, this year witnessed huge participation on Quds day across the world. On 31st May, 2019, in New Delhi thousands of people assembled at Jantar Mantar to protest against the tyrant Zionist regime. People