Day that brought instability for the U.S.’s ‘Island of Stability’

Many things have been said about the 19th of Dey[January 9, 1978] and today’s warm and sincere gathering of you dear people marks that day. I have made many comments in this regard over the years, just as other people have. Some of the things that are said have been said before and they are not new, but the event that took place on the 19th of Dey will never lose its novelty. If we repeat some of the things that have been said before, it will not cause that event to lose its novelty, just like Ashura. I do not want to compare the importance of the 19th of Dey to other events, but it can be likened to the event that took place on Ashura. For one thousand and two, three hundred years, Ashura has been discussed and many things are constantly repeated, but the event itself does not lose its novelty. The event that took place on the Day of Ashura is like the sun which shines brightly every day and yet it does not lose its novelty. Every month and every year, Ashura enlightens the life of our society as well as other Islamic communities. It infuses Islamic societies with light, energy, and strength.

The same is true of the 19th of Dey: its essence is the same as that of Ashura. The reason is that the event which took place on the 19th of Dey was a great achievement. Whenever such an achievement is made by a people or community, the outcomes will be astonishing. The ground had been prepared in Iran. No achievements can be made without laying the groundwork. The statements by Imam Khomeini (r.a.) during the years he was fighting the Pahlavi regime, the political activities of those who were fighting the Pahlavi regime, the spread of revolutionary ideas throughout the country, the status and credibility of the clergy and religious authorities among the people which had been established centuries earlier – all of these things prepared the ground, but there was a need for a spark and that spark was caused by the people of Qom. It was a great decision. They stepped into the arena to defend our magnanimous Imam (r.a.). It was not ordinary times for such things: there were bullets, shootings, terror and suppression. They stepped in without fear and with tremendous courage in a timely manner. I would like to stress their timely action, their timely sense of responsibility. They did not step in too late. The blood of those who had been unjustly martyred on the 19th of Dey, the courage displayed by the people of Qom and their timely action and sense of responsibility were effective. In fact, that was the trigger that started everything and the ground had been prepared, so the people rose up. Therefore, what the people of Qom did is unforgettable.

I do not want to discuss history in this meeting. There are more pressing issues to discuss. We need to identify our responsibilities for tomorrow. The Islamic Revolution achieved victory, an achievement that was considered impossible in the normal course of events. Considering the importance that was attached to Iran by the arrogant powers, nobody could believe there would be a Revolution in a country like Iran. This country was a place for the Zionists to rest. This country was full of American advisors. Iran was a place where foreigners had peace and tranquility. Around ten days before the 19th of Dey, the president of America said in a speech in Tehran that Iran was an island of stability. This is what they thought of our country. With America’s heavy presence, it was impossible for a faith-based revolution to take place in a country like ours, a country with an oppressive and tyrannical government that would confront the people without fear. It was unimaginable that a revolution rooted in religious faith, a revolution by the people, a revolution led by a Marja taqlid[High-ranked Muslim scholar referred to as the source of emulation] and outstanding cleric would achieve victory in Iran.

It was for this reason that no intelligence agency in the world predicted the Islamic Revolution. This was because the Revolution did not make sense on the basis of ordinary calculations. It was unimaginable for such a Revolution to take place in a country like Iran. I will explain later on that the success of the Revolution was unlike certain other events in Iran. It was unimaginable that the Revolution would lead to the establishment of a government. It was unimaginable that the Revolution would build a political system and establish the Islamic Republic, a government that would survive and become more powerful and established on a daily basis. Such things were not in line with any material rules and calculations. Material calculations dismissed the possibility of the Revolution, but it happened.

The fact the Islamic Revolution took place shows that the universe has certain laws that are unknown to materialists. Materialists do not see those laws. “And the Command of Allah is a decree determined” [The Holy Quran, 33: 38]. In another part of the Holy Quran, Allah the Exalted says: “That has been the Way of Allah already with those who passed away before” [The Holy Quran, 48: 23]. The Way of Allah means divine laws. There are certain laws in the universe, in every part of it. Such laws as gravity, the laws that apply to stars, to the sun and to the moon and determine their movement and the incidence of days and nights – these are divine laws.

Jan 9, 2016