Historic Shia-Sunni “unity conference” held in Lucknow

In order to unite different Muslim sects on common grounds a “historical” conference was organised here in Lucknow on Sunday.

The conference was historical in the sense that many prominent Muslim personalities including Aga Mehdi Mehdavipur – representative of Ayatollah Khamenai in India, Saeed Rahman Azmi – principal of Darul Uloom Nadwa Lucknow, Maulana Qalbe Jawad – chairman Majlis Ulama e Hind were present.

The speakers in the conference emphasized over awareness of wicked policies hatched by the arrogant powers. They also stressed over the need of unity among Muslim sects.

In the conference Aga Mehdi Mehdavipur said that the message of Prophet Muhammad (saw), last Prophet of Islam was for whole humanity. Thus, it is the duty of all Muslims to adopt his teachings like truthfulness, good morality, tolerance and compassion in their own life.

Other dignitaries including Sayyid ul Hassan, Manzar Sadiq, Hassnain Baqri, Yousuf Hussain Nadvi, Reza Hasnain among others were present and addressed the gathering.

Such gathering were also organised in dozens of other cities across India including Delhi, Jammu, Srinagar, Kargil, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ranchi etc.

Molana Afroz Mujtaba in a conference in Delhi said that unity among Muslim sects is not because of common enemy but unity is a Quranic principle and the need of Islam. He vowed that the sects would not fight even if there is no threat of external enemy. So, saying that unity is necessary to coup with external elements is a wrong notion, said M. Mujtaba.

The life style of Prophet Mohammad (saw) is a role model for whole humanity regardless of time, place, caste or creed. The traditions he offered are relevant even today, said Molana Qazi M. Askari in Delhi. His birth was a blessing that united the Arab tribes who used to fight each other, added Qazi Askari.

The program took place around the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (saw) which is declared as Hafta e Wahdat (Week of Unity) by Imam Khomeini. Since last four decades, when Imam Khomeini (r.a) declared the Week of Unity muslims across the globe celebrate 12 Rabi ul Awwal to 17 Rabi ul Awwal as week of unity to permeate the message of peace and tolerance.