Imperialism: The real face of terrorism

US Flag Around the Earth — Image by ©

By Aadil Abbas (Student of Islamic Philosophy and Quranic exegesis)

Can we say existing religions in our world are the real sources of extremist ideologies which turn in to terrorist groups, if anyone who has a superficial study in to this matter and buys what corporate media feed masses, he/she will end up believing in it, that Religions are the source of every kind of terrorism but the truth is opposite actually this is a form of terror attack on religions of world, to keep all people away from religions, hate their religions, give up in religions, morals and spirituality.

This war is waged upon religions by those who consider religion as a threat for their evil desire of ruling, controlling every single person on earth and all their wealth. For this eradicating religions is necessary for them, that’s why imperialist invested in this project of demonizing religion by creating terrorist faction in the name of religions particularly Islam, they used these factions as proxies for fighting their wars like(e.g. Creation of Al-Qaeda for fighting USSR in Afghanistan, ISIS in Syria )

The cause behind Al-Qaeda and ISIS is not religious. Certainly it is not Islam that is behind these groups. Nor any Religion could be behind ISIS or produce ISIS or create evil. What religion produces is ultimate good for both: the individual and the society. Religion is not meant to be good for some and evil for others but meant to be good for all. (Mabsout)

It’s not religion, it is Imperialist who have the ability to buy Greedy so called religious Scholars for misinterpreting religion, to incite people against each other. So wherever you see terrorism look what’s the root and you will find imperialism.
They are not limited to religion, they can use any thing as a tool for achieving their hunger of wealth, power and control.

Though the terrorist who killed 50 Muslims and injured many in the Christ church Mosque was so called Christian and the one who are bombing Mosques, Schools, Hospital etc. in Yemen are so called Muslims, any simple minded can relate it to a sectarian or religious warfare.
But this is totally wrong, all kind of manifesto, excuses presented by these actors are just to fool common masses from the main perpetrators of all this massacres against mankind.
Behind all these crime lies the face of the Imperialist forces who are using such tools to fool us and our responsibility is to hit back by exposing them and their agenda.

If you dig deep, look carefully in to the matter of terrorism, you won’t find existence of terrorism/terrorist group working independent from imperialist forces on their own, imperialist forces are using this heinous tool as their proxy armies for invading peaceful countries to control resources, instilling fear in the minds of native, and ultimately to rule over them.

To these people, human life has no value. They have been told that they would have to install the Khilafa in Arab land as the Zionists were told to establish Israel in Palestine. The Terrorists and Israel act the same despite the difference in their Religion means that their master is one, The Imperialist. The same thing is nurturing in the name of Hindutva(Saffronism) in India, targets are Non-Hindu in general and epicenter of target are Muslims but victim is again religions and the real villain in this game are Imperialist who want to usurp everything , want to rule over everything.

Contrary to this Agenda of New World Order, to strip us of our Religions, Morals, Spiritual life for Ruling over us. “True religion is a force of strength because then, God the Almighty becomes an essential player on the ground. Committed people who have understood their religion and grown within its culture, know that religion, far from being a burden, is a real asset. The lessons certain Muslims, for example-derive from the battle of Karbala’ are innumerable in the sense that all the challenges they are meeting actually or will meet in the future were met at the battleground of Karbala’ by the holiest of heroes who is none other than the Prophet’s grandson. There, they could see embodied and figure out the notions of justice, courage, forbearance and sacrifice that had no par in the history of Islam.

Religion is related to God, therefore religion is like a candle that gives light to all in all directions. Those who think that religion – any religion- can produce evil are certainly ignorant. Therefore, what created ISIS and the sisters of ISIS is nothing religious but is rather the absence and the ignorance of Religion. It is the enemies of Religion that created ISIS helped by the ignorance of the Religion. The question therefore is: If ISIS does not have its roots in Religion then where is it rooted? The answer to that is: in colonialism/imperialism. It is colonialism that created ISIS as it created Zionism, because the origin of Zionism is colonialism and not Judaism – as some like to think – although Zionism acted in the name of Judaism as ISIS is acting in the name of Islam. (Mabsout)

The Iranian Islamic revolution proved contrary to the goal of this Imperialist secular propaganda (means religions are source of extremism and hate) the possibility of the coexistence of knowledge and religion and also of the great cooperation which could happen between both. After the success of the Islamic Revolution, Iran did not forsake scientific knowledge but worked on all fronts, making great achievements in the military and the medical as well as nuclear researches and proving that treading the path of scientific knowledge does not necessarily mean joining the so called western culture and western cult.

Bringing together religious commitment and modern science Iranians were able -with God’s help- to defeat their enemies and Hizbullah won victory over one of the strongest army of the world.