Iran donates coronavirus test kits to US

Iran has donated homemade coronavirus test kits and other equipment to the United States, as Washington struggles to control the outbreak of the deadly disease within its borders.

Iran’s Baqyiatallah University of Medical Sciences, the top medical institution of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), said the first batch of the test kits have already been handed to Swiss Embassy in Tehran.

Hadi Zahiri, head of the university’s public relations department, said the test kits are developed by Iranian scientists after it became clear that they cannot import the required kits due to American sanctions.

The tests have already entered mass production and are being used across Iran with high accuracy rates.

Besides the IRGC, many other Iranian companies and institutions, including the Defense Ministry as well as the private sector, have been designing rapid test kits to speed up the nationwide campaign against the coronavirus.

Iran has already screened 50 million people through an online survey over the past weeks.

The flu-like virus has so far infected 47,593 Iranians and killed 3,036 others, with 2,987 cases and 138 more deaths recorded over the past 24 hours, according to the latest updates released by the Iranian Health Ministry.

Some 15,473 patients have also recovered from the virus.

This is while US hospitals have dramatically increased their orders of key drugs required by patients on ventilators.

Demand for sedative that help patients cope with the breathing tubes soared this month, according to data from Vizient, a major US healthcare services company.