Israel Kills 13 Year Old Child In Gaza

Another Palestinian child has been shot dead in the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces, reported the Al-Masdar News agency.

The Gaza Health Ministry have confirmed the death of Mujahed Essam Anwar Abu A’msha (13 years old), after he was struck with a tear gas canister during yesterday’s ‘Great Return March’ Demonstrations.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, five Palestinians have been confirmed dead and 244 injured. Mujahed became the 5th victim of yesterday’s demonstrations. He was notably the 4th child killed.

Other than Essam those killed were identified  as Mohammed Jehad sa’ad (20 years old), Adham Nedal Amara (17 years old), Hashem Abu Alkhair (17 years old) and Bilal Al-Najjar (17 years old).

The Gaza Health Ministry also reported that 316 were wounded by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire, during the Great March of return protests, yesterday. Those injured included 86 children, 29 women, 3 paramedics and 7 journalists, 3 ambulances were also targeted by Israeli forces.