Ayatullah Khamenei’s Representative Meets Bohra Spiritual Head

In a significant development representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader met spiritual head of Bohra Muslim community here on Sunday and both sides discussed ways to strengthen Muslim unity.

Hujatul Islam Haj Agha Mehdi Mahdavipour, representative of Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei in India  met Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, Da’i al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra community in Mumbai where Iranian leader’s representative was warmly received by hundreds of Bohra community members.

Iran’s Council General in Mumbai Aga Reza Zadeh was also present at the meeting.

Agha Mahdavipour extended formal invitation to Bohra leader for a visit to Iran for interaction with Shia Ulema and Grand Ayatollah’s for building a common ground for safeguarding Islamic interests.

Aga Mahdivipour dwelt in detail about the negative propaganda unleashed by the corporate media against Iran. 

Bohra spiritual leader accepted the invitation and also agreed to send a large businessdelegation to Islamic Republic to explore possibilities of investment there.  

The Dawoodi Bohra, a sub group within Shia branch of Islam, has been playing a domineering role in trade and commerce in India and beyond for decades.  

Since Iran has dedicated year 2019 to Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), to whom both sects owe their allegiance Bohra leader also announced his decision to organise an international conference in India to mark the 1400th martyrdom anniversary of the first Shia Imam.

Syedna Mufaddal is the spiritual leader of 2.5 million Bohra Muslims living in nearly 100 countries. Bohra community has contributed substantially to the restoration of medieval and Islamic architecture in India, Egypt and Iraq.

Praising the Bohra community for discipline and dedication Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi during a recent visit to Syedna said, “I have a special praise for you. Most of you are engaged in trade and business. You have set an example in how business can progress by following rules and laws and by being disciplined. Whereever you have gone, you have carved an identity for yourself and earned respect. Traders and businessmen are backbone of economy because they create job opportunities.”