Leave sectarian discord, unite on common grounds – Mahdavi Meher

A seminar cum traditional naat-mushaira was embarked on 1st December at Anjuman plaza in Ranchi which was led by Dr Shameem Haider.

Qari Sahab and Qari Yahya initiated the congregation with the recitation of holy Quran. Hazrat Maulana Mahdavi Meher pro-Vice Chancellor Al Mustafa University, Maulana Syed Ibrahim Fazil Husaini, CP Singh – Development Minister of Jharkhand were the chief guest.

Other guests include Dr. Rizwan Khan – Chairman Hajj committee, Kamal Khan Chairman of Minority Commission, Maulana Yahya Fazili, Haji Abrar Ahmed – Chairman of Anjuman.

Maulana Mahdavi Meher said that if Muslims unite over Kalima e Tayyab and leave all differences on sectarian lines the first Qibla of Muslims will get free in no moment. The Zionist power has always attempted to divide the Muslims on sectarian lines. Muslims should be aware of wicket policies hatched by the imperialist powers.

He further said that Iran has only one slogan, that is to unite Shia and Sunni to fight for the freedom of Palestine. That is also the message of humanity. The Muslims in Iran had no difference in history on sectarian lines and shall not remain in future as well. Almighty Allah has sent Prophet Mohammad (Saww) as a blessing for whole humanity.

Sunni Maulana from Iran Maulana Syed Ibrahim Fazil e Hussaini – Imam of masjid Ahnaaf in Iran said that, to bring change in one’s own soul is necessary. Emphasising on the importance of education he said that education is must for all those who want to grab the two worlds. Without knowledge no one can prosper in life.

Ranchi is known not for any particular religion or sect but for communal harmony among them, says Tehzeeb ul Hasan.

Ranchi Unity

The Iranian delegation on the same day visited the Idrisiya Urdu Middle High school. The delegation along with Molana Tahzeeb ul Hassan made a walk from Gwala Chowk to Idrisiya School to permeate the message of unity among muslim Ummah. In the school also, the speakers emphasised on unity among various Muslim sects.

The program took place around the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (saw) which is declared as Hafta e Wahdat (Week of Unity) by Imam Khomeini.