Martyrdom: A Divine Gift (Part II)

Compiled and authored by Zamena Somji (Student at Almustafa Open University, Iran)

A martyr is the heart of history. As the heart gives blood to the entire body, similarly a martyr gives a message to the entire society. They are a source of “Blooming Spiritual Livingness” in the society. Spiritual Livingness means – Morale, Feeling of identity, setting up goals and moving towards it without stopping. This is what the Holy Qur’an teaches us.

“The Martyrs defend by their body when they’re alive and by their soul (spirit) when they’re gone.”

As long as they are alive, their soul, body and physical movement is at the service of Islam and the Islamic society. But after they depart, their voices can be heard. The speeches of martyrs flourish when they are gone. They then speak to the people and Allah (swt) puts the efficacy in their voice. That is why when some accurate saying is quoted from a martyr, it revolutionizes the hearts.

Martyrs of Iran have changed the course of history. They were the ones who brought the most powerful and most savage, arrogant powers to knees. They made their people proud and promoted Islam. To conclude, the Supreme leader of Iran says –

“A martyr provides service to Islam during his life and continues the service while expanding the atmosphere of spirituality.”

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