Nimr of Tajikistan killed 53 days ago

” Unfortunately we are unaware about Allamah Qayamuddin Ghazi’s execution who was the Zakzaky of Tajkistan. He was among those revolutionary figures in the country whose peaceful and conciliatory movements made 1/3rd population of Tajkistan Shia.”

News of Syed Qayamuddin Ghazi made dramatically concealed by enemies who was executed by Tajikistan’s government 53 days ago on behest of Saudi Arabia.

In past five years, Saudi officials traveled to several Islamic countries like Kazakistan, Tajkistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan to counter Shia movements and subjected there leaders for imprisonment and even executions

Syed Qayamuddin Ghazi was a Shia Tajikistani scholar. He was secretly murderer on 19 May 2019. Government of Tajikistan arrested him and after days delivered his dead body to his family. After visit of Saudi officials to Tajikistan, they took a hostile stance toward Iran and Shia activists while Wahabi Tajiks are fighting in Iraq and Syria for ISIS.

Allama Syed Qayamuddin Ghazi and a number of other oppressed prisoners in Tajikistan, the pressure on his close relatives continues.

After the senior cleric Ghazi was beheaded in a suspicious incident in a Tajikistan’s prison in Vahdat region, his body was buried under strange circumstances.

The Tajik government did not allow the funeral to be held by his disciples or family members, and buried the body even without special prayer while thousands of his followers and relatives were ready to bid farewell to this innocent Shahid.

Tajik security officials have assigned a number of guardians to prevent people from going near Shahid Ghazi’s burial place.

In another strange and brutal act, the brothers and sons of that martyr have been attacked without any charges!

Two children of the martyr Ghazi, who have no special activity against the Tajik regime, were arrested and tortured after the martyrdom on the same day instead of expressing condolences!

As a result of these torture, one of his children is now hospitalized; and one brother and another child are constantly harassed and interrogated!

The Tajik government has been putting pressure on the families of the prison’s victims instead of compensating for its failure to provide security of the prisoners or clarifying the incident and showing sympathy towards the families of the victims.

Continuing this inhumane process can lead to the intervention of Human Rights Organizations and Amnesty International into the event, which will have negative consequences for the Tajik government.

On Sunday, 19 May 2019, five prisoners and three guards were killed by insurgent ISIS members in a suspicious unrest in a jail of Vahdat District in Tajikistan, Allameh Sayyid Qayamuddin Ghazi, one of founders of Islamic Movement party of Tajikistan, Abdol Sattar Karimov Samadvich, Member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Movement Party and Sayyed Mahdi Khan Sattarov, one of Sufism were among the prisoners slaughtered in front of the eyes of other prisoners with knife.

Some political observers have described the conflict as a conspiratorial plan designed and implemented to eliminate a number of political prisoners.

However, the Tajik government, which claims that ISIS committed this crime, should answer why the government did not allow the funeral ceremony or funeral prayer to be offered on the body of Shahid Qayamuddin Ghazi and Shahid Sayyid Mehdi Khan Sattarov, and is also strongly opposing the innocent family of Shahid Ghazi.