Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawwadi

Life History

Name Syed Zeeshan Haider Rizvi alias Allama jawadi
Fathers Name Syed Mohammed Jawad Rizvi
Date of Birth 01’st October 1938, 22’nd Rajab 1357 H
Place of Birth Karari, Allahabad, India.
Native Place Mohalla Shareefabad, Dist Karrari Allahabad, UP.
Primary Education Madersa Amjadia Primary Education.
Religious Education 1949, from Jamia Nizamia, Lucknow, UP.
Higher Relegious Education 1956, from Houzia Ilmia, Najaf e Ashraf, Iraq.Allama moved to Najaf- e- Ashraf  (Iraq) for higher studies. Najaf  being the best Islamic learning center of that time. He studied in Najaf for 10 Years under the guidance of highly learned Shia scholars of his time. His knowledge was nurtured by some of the renowned personalities of the time like late Aqai Mohsin Hakeem and late Aqai  Quoi ,late Ayat ullah Baqar us Sadr and Ayot ullah Madani to name the few. Returned to India in 1965.
Marriage Married to D/o Syed Mohamed Taqi Rizvi
Childrens 3 Sons, 4 Daughters
Preaching 1961, Started peraching in Muzaffarpur, Bihar in the capacity  of Imam e jama’at
Tanzim ul Makatib Allama was the founding member of Tanzim ul Makatib, along with Moulana Syed Gulam Askari, he strived day and night to propogate Islam and educating young generation. Became the president of Tanzim ul makatib in the year 1986 and held this position until his last breath. In the year 1988, he laid foundation for Jamia Anwar ul uloom in the city of Allahabad for Islamic Higher education.
Allama Jawadi translated  more than 100 orignal works from Arabic and Persian into Urdu. These included a translation/interpretation of the Holy Quran, The Nahjul Balagha, Mufati- ul-Jinan, Sahifa-e- Sajjadia. Apart from this Allama himself authored number of book, booklets and articles. Naqoosh-e-Ismat and Zikr-o-Fikr need an especial mention among the lot
He was serving the community in Abudhabi for last two decades. He had been Imam of Masjid “Rasool-e-Azam” during which he inculcated Islamic values and the basic essence of Islam in the minds of his followers. During his stay he not only adorned the Mehrab but was propagating values and message of Islam from pulpit. Senior residents of Abudhabi are witnesses to the dynamic role he played in transforming a polarized community into a community of devoted and practicing Muslims. He also responded to the growing needs of the community in Europe and America as well. He uses to travel far and wide as to propagate Islam and its teachings.
Date of Death This great Islamic scholar of this millennium left for his heavenly abode at the very hour of Asr-e-Ashora i.e. 10th Muharram, 1421 Hijri (15th April 2000) in Abu Dhabi around 1430 Hrs
Place of Burial His mortal remain were laid to rest on 18th April 2000 at Kabrastan e daryabad, Allahbad. close to his mothers grave.