Maulana Syed Ali Taqvi

Maulana Syed Ali Taqvi was a brilliant religious Ulema and orator. After completion of education from India, Maulana went to Najaf-e-Ashraf and after receiving higher knowledge from Maraj-e-Ikram and Ayat Azam, Maulana came back to. In India he contributed a lot from Mimbar-o-Mehrab in the national services and was related to every movement. For more than 50 years Late Maulana has done the duties of Imam-e-Juma in the Shiite Mosque in Kashmir. Maulana remained committed to all religious and social movements of Delhi, New Delhi and India .Very importantly played a vital centralized role in Delhi national and community issues. Due to his innocence services and ideology was very much respected and popular personality.