Saudi forces lost 233 Billion Dollars due to their defeat in war in Yemen since 2015

On 23 January 2015, Salman bin Abdul Aziz became the King of Saudi Kingdom by succeeding his step brother King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. King Salman’s youngest son Muhammad bin Salman famous as MBS, who is very arrogant and aggressive young man became the Defence Minister of the Kingdom. He soon removed the previous appointed Crown Princes Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz and Muhammad bin Nayef, who were nominated by the male members of the Saudi royal family.
Then MBS in early 2015 imposed and declared himself as the Crown Prince of kingdom and even sidelined his father King Salman who is very old and fragile and suffering from chronic dementia.

In 2014, the people of Yemen elected a popular government ked by Ansarullah Movement which is labelled wrongly as Houthis by Western media and this Islamic revolutionary movement is comprised of the Zaydi and Shafaee Sunni Muslims came to power in Yemen with full support of the people. The Zaydi and Shafaee Sunni Muslims comprise the absolute majority of Yemen population.

But with the domination of MBS in Saudi Arabia in the mid 2015. who is fully under the control of USA, NATO and Israel, started the naked aggression and full scale war against Yemen with the full military and political support of USA, NATO and Israel and with the full scale military participation of more than thirty Arab and Muslim countries who are highly paid by Saudi Kingdom for supporting their war in Yemen.
Their plan was to remove the popular government of Islamic Ansarullah Movement and replace it with the puppet government led by Mansur Hadi who is only a stooge of Saudi Kingdom.

The large scale war started against Yemen in 2015 by the orders of Crown Prince MBS was to conquer Yemen within a week. Yemen since 1932 have remained as a client state of Saudi Kingdom and three important border provinces of Yemen were annexed by the Founder of the Saudi dynasty Abdul Aziz bin Saud in 1932 and since then Yemen is fully under the control of Saudi Kingdom.

But the Islamic Ansarullah Movement of Yemen came to power during the 2014 national elections with full majority with the aim of liberating Yemen from the clutches of Saudi rulers.

The Saudi invasion of Yemen which commenced in 2015 have completely destroyed the infrastructure of Yemen by non-stop air raids by Saudi and her allies air forces. Yemen is the poorest Arab country with a very weak armed forces. The Saudi aggression of Yemen is fully supported by the armed forces of more than thirty Arab and Muslim countries which includes powerful armed forces of Egypt and Pakistan. The Saudi aggression of Yemen since 2015 is commanded by General Raheel Sharif, the former Chief of Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The invasion of Yemen by Saudi and her allies have created the greatest tragic human genocide and catastrophe in the modern history. More than seventy thousand innocent civilians of Yemen are killed in this five years long aggression which includes more than six thousand children. The whole population of Yemen is suffering from severe food shortage and majority of the Yemeni population is starving because of the all-out blockade of Yemen. But the Yemeni army supported by the trained militias of Ansarullah Movement in Yemen have gallantly resisted the invasion of the country which is fully supported by USA, NATO and Israel. The Yemeni forces have inflicted the invading Saudi and her allies with heavy losses and the war expenses in Yemen which is paid by the Saudi Kingdom have soared to 233 billion dollars since 2015. This war have depleted the national reserves of Saudi Kingdom from 732 billion dollars in 2015 to 499 billion dollars by the end of 2019.

David Herst, the famous British political analyst of Middle Eastern affairs have stated in his recent analysis about Saudi Kingdom that it is losing the war in Yemen and with the depletion of her national financial reserves, unprecedented fall in the price of the Crude Oil which is the major source of national income of Saudi Kingdom and the crisis of Corona virus pandemic in Saudi Arabia have also closed the Umrah and Haj in the holy land of Hejaz this year have also deprived the Saudi Kingdom with other major source of national income. The worst military defeat of Saudi armed forces along with her more than thirty allied countries, the deep fall in income from crude oil export and Umrah and Haj, the on going tussle in the Saudi royal family to gain the power and control and continuing economic depression and stagflation in Saudi Arabia have made the famous Western political analysts and military strategists to come to an conclusion that the fall and disintegration of Saudi Kingdom is imminent.