Saudi-Israel secret ties: Infidelity or malice?

Israeli media have recently quoted a reporter as saying that Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has secretly met with Israeli Foreign Minister Katz in Washington.

The news was partially confirmed by the Zionist side and the head of the Tel Aviv diplomacy claimed that the meeting was held at the ministerial level and was attended by an Arab country that has never held official meetings with the Zionist regime and has no connection with it either

The indications show that, with the exception of Bahrain, the UAE, and Oman, which previously held ministerial or senior-level meetings, Saudi Arabia is the only country to have officially met with Tel Aviv and is moving towards relationship normalization with the Zionist regime.

This visit is important from several perspectives:

A) Contrary to expectations, Saudi Arabia is pursuing the relationship normalization project far more seriously than the analysis, and it seems that before the end of his government’s term, he is forced to implement a reconciliation project – even if it is symbolic – to put pressure on Arab governments to bring them to the negotiating table and formally key the “deal of the century”project. A project whose dimensions and implications may be greater than Balfour’s statement and the truth is that it covers the whole land of Palestine. This meeting has another important consequence, and that is confirming Netanyahu’s words about the occupation of the Jordan Valley and the eastern Palestinian territories. Netanyahu’s words signify a humanitarian catastrophe and a practical occupation, and his election promise will certainly spark a war. Even after that, the Saudi minister met with him in these circumstances.

B) Israel and Saudi Arabia are getting closer together as the region is engaged in a new pregnancy. In the wake of the Washington-sponsored Iranophobia wave, the Zionists have allowed themselves to invade Arab countries, and kill the Arab youth in the crime of compassion for a while and its importance and the effort to fight terrorism and the liberation of holy Quds in Iraq, Syria and Palestine, and Saudi Arabia has been silent.

And then in such a situation, the meeting is political infidelity, and disregard for the Palestinian issue, and even for Arab morale. Bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia has become another name for repression of US opponents.

The Saudi authorities consider themselves the servants of the holy shrines, while collaborating with the occupiers and demolisher of the Al-Aqsa Mosque as the first Muslim Qibla, and approve them. The Saudi minister’s meeting with the Israeli minister at the United Nations has a message, being serious about accepting US agreements by both parties and starting the deal of the century.

A subject that has changed in a serious concern and a political message for the side of the agreement.