Step Forward to Normalization? Senior ‘Israeli’ Official Publicly Visits UAE, Talks ’Common Enemy’ Iran

By Staff, Agencies Zionist Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz visited the UAE for the very first announced time, discussing their ‘common enemy’ Iran – with another “unnamed official.” Katz publicly visited Abu Dhabi over the weekend.

It was the first publicized visit of the Zionist entity’s top diplomat to the UAE soil, under the pretext of taking part in a UN-led Climate Meeting.

Katz used the opportunity to meet an unnamed senior Emirati official to discuss growing ties between both sides, economic cooperation and the ever-trendy “Iranian threat.” When there, Katz expressed excitement over being in the Arab country to represent the ‘Israeli’ interests: “This is a significant step up in the relations between ‘Israel’ and the states in the region.” The visit is quite an unprecedented step towards normalizing ties with the Zionist entity.

The Gulf States and the occupation entity have quite a vast field to cooperate on as Tel Aviv possesses advanced irrigation technologies and the Arab nations have money to spend on them