Take advantage of every hour in month of Rajab to achieve divine attention

The month of Rajab is a holy month; this is a time of tawassul (Resorting to an Intermediary), remembrance, attention, supplication,  and strengthening the bonds of our needy hearts to divine mercy and blessings. Value these days and every day in the month of Rajab as a blessing from God. In every hour of it, a conscious, intelligent, and savvy person can achieve something so valuable that compared to it, all the blessings of the material world are absurd; that is, he can gain divine satisfaction, grace, and attention. After the month of Rajab comes the month of Sha’ban and then Ramadan. Muslim Brothers and Sisters! the owners of awaken hearts, and especially the youth, value these three months. During this quarter, there is more than ever the opportunity to connect and embellish the hearts with the Lord’s grace and light.

Statements during sermon made on Friday Prayer in Tehran February 8, 1991

We are in the month of Rajab now–the month of holy days. It is our duty to take advantage of these days, strengthen spirituality, connect to God, and to highly regard remembrance of God, prayers, and tawassul. Strengthening a connection with God; endeavoring in worldly issues–including gaining knowledge and working for improvement; being aware of political and economic issues; and most importantly, maintaining hope, are characteristics and factors that will, InshaAllah, in the future–not so far future–bestow blessings of the Islamic Republic on all of Earth’s population. These features will provide humanity with the blessings of Islam and will allow the Iranian nation to witness integrity and unity among all humans on the Earth — just as the Almighty God has promised Muslims.

January 9, 1993