The Main Base of Saudi Kingdom is Collapsing

The steep fall in the crude oil prices since March 2020 because of the overproduction and inundating the world oil market on orders of Muhammad bin Salman(MBS) in order inflict financial losses on Russia have engulfed the Saudi Kingdom in worst financial crisis of its existence. The oil prices fell down to 10 US Dollars in mid-April this year due to overproduction and economic licks of the world due to Corona virus pandemic.
Leading Western political analysts who expertise in Middle East affairs are very much worried due to this worst financial crisis Saudi government is facing due to which the most abiding government which is fulfilling the political agendas in the Middle East will imminently collapse and disintegrate in the near future.

Since 2013, famous Western experts on Middle East affairs are writing compression books and articles predicting the fall of the Saudi Kingdom. World Bank and IMF have reported that Saudi Kingdom is taking loans from leading financial institutions in the world to run its annual budget will emerge as the most financially indebted country in the whole world by the year 2023.

On 23 January 2015 Salman bin Abdul Aziz became the king after the death of King Abdullah. At that time Saudi enjoyed the foreign reserves worth 732 billion dollars but these reserves by the end of December 2019 fell down to 499 US Dollars means spending 233 billion dollars from their reserves. In 2019, the foreign debts of Saudi Arabia was 19 percent of its GDP which will increase to 50 percent of its GDP in 2022.
MBS the Oligarch Crown Prince and defacto ruler of Saudi Arabia since 2015 will loose its partners like Egypt who are getting financial aid from Saudis and now the Saudis are facing great difficulty in giving financial aid to their allies like Egypt.

MBS have made all the members of the Saudi royal family as his bitter enemy. MBS became Crown Prince by overthrowing Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz and Muhammad bin Nayef from the position of Crown Prince and incarcerating hundreds of the members of the Royal family. Recently he have arrested Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, the only surviving son of Abdul Aziz bin Saud, the Founder of Saudi Kingdom and Muhammad bin Nayef for plotting to overthrow King Salman and MBS.

On the instructions from US administration MBS have for the first time introduced the vices of gambling, wine shops and bars, night clubs and dance musical concerts in the kingdom which have alienated MBS among the Muslims in the world because they consider the land of Hejaz as holy land. Many leading Sunni and Shia Ulama are languishing in Saudi jails for opposing the anti-Islamic practices imposed by MBS.
Thus, according to leading Western political analysts the fall and disintegration of Saudi Kingdom is imminent.