Yemeni drones attack ‘vital’ Saudi targets in ‘big operation’

Yemen’s Houthi Anasarullah movement announced Tuesday that it has targeted Saudi Arabia’s “vital installations” in a “big military operation” using drones.

Citing an unnamed Houthi commander, Yemen’s al-Masirah TV reported that the movement launched at least seven armed drones to attack a series of strategic Saudi facilities.

The nature of the targets or or the exact time they were attacked was not revealed in the report.

The attacks came in reaction to the Riyadh regime’s war against the people of Yemen, which has been going on with the help of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

There was no immediate confirmation from Saudi Arabia about the reported attacks, which came a day after Riyadh confirmed that two of its oil tankers were among four vessels attacked off the coast of the UAE on Sunday.

The Yemeni official warned that resistance forces were ready “to execute more of these significant and tough strikes as long as the siege continues.”

Yemen has been under aerial and maritime blockade by Saudi Arabia and its allies ever sine the deadly war began in march 2015.

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